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Volotea is launching flights between Strasbourg and London Gatwick

Volotea, a rapidly growing independent airline in Europe, is launching its first regular route to the United Kingdom. Beginning on November 9th, the airline will operate direct flights between London Gatwick and Strasbourg, offering travellers a convenient and affordable option to explore France’s Alsace region.

The new route will have two flights per week on Thursdays and Sundays, providing passengers with an opportunity to experience Strasbourg’s historical charm and cultural richness over a long weekend.

Strasbourg, situated on the banks of the Rhine River, offers remarkable architecture, winding paths, picturesque canals, and Europe’s oldest Christmas market, making it an appealing destination for all types of travellers.

Volotea, with over a decade of experience, has already transported over 50 million passengers and currently operates over 400 routes across more than 100 airports. The Barcelona-based airline plans to offer over 50 flights and more than 9,000 seats on the London Gatwick to Strasbourg route for the 2023 winter period, with intentions to expand this service into the summer of 2024.

Source: Aviation24