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UK and Ireland, Turkey and Italy Submit Bids to Host UEFA Euro 2028 and 2032

UEFA has received three bid dossiers from national member associations interested in hosting the 2028 and 2032 European Championships.

The United Kingdom and Ireland, represented by the Football Associations of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, are aiming for the 2028 edition.

It features ten stadiums – six in England and one in each of the other countries – with capacities ranging from Wembley Stadium’s 90,652 to Casement Park in Belfast with 34,500.

The average stadia capacity stands at around 58,000.

Organisers claim that it is a “low risk, high reward host” due to the “high-capacity, world-famous football grounds and state-of-the-art venues”.

They claim that almost three million tickets will be available which is more than any previous edition of the tournament.

Sustainability has been placed at the forefront of the bid as more than 80 per cent of ticket holders are predicted to be able to travel to matches by public transport.

It also claims that there is strong Government support for the bid.

“We are delighted that our Government partners are fully committed to hosting UEFA Euro 2028,” read a statement from the organisers.

The UK and Ireland's bid features 10 stadiums across the five countries ©UK & Ireland UEFA EURO 2028 Bid
The UK and Ireland’s bid features 10 stadiums across the five countries ©UK & Ireland UEFA EURO 2028 Bid

“They have signed the relevant tournament guarantees and will ensure the event is fully supported.

“This will create a welcoming, exciting and safe football experience that players and fans will enjoy in every city and every game.

“With our Governments’ once-in-a-generation legacy investment, we share and support UEFA’s plan that hosting UEFA Euro 2028 is a significant opportunity to transform football development and generate meaningful economic, environmental and social benefits.”

It is predicted that the tournament will generate up to £2.6 billion ($3.2 billion/€2.95 billion) for the nations.

It will face competition from Turkey which has submitted a bid to host either the 2028 or 2032 competitions.

It is the country’s sixth consecutive attempt to host the European Championship.

Sports Minister Muharrem Kasapoğlu signed the Government guarantee and stated that Turkey has everything it needs to host such events.

Istanbul is due to host this year’s Champions League final at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium on June 6.

“The quality of our facilities, infrastructure, accommodation, young population,” he said.

“When you put it all together, we can say that our country shines like a star and is one of the most important sports destinations in the world.

“I think that Turkey can add important value to Euro 2028 and Euro 2032.”

The final bid submitted to UEFA today was by the Italian Football Federation for Euro 2032.

The country has not been the sole host of the tournament since 1980 when it was contested by eight teams, but staged four matches at Euro 2020.

The UEFA Executive Committee is set to vote on which bid will receive hosting rights at its meeting scheduled for October 10.

Source : Inside the Games