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‘this is Ongoing Nakba’: Pro-palestine Protests Sweep Across UK

Over 100 pro-Palestine local protests are taking place across the UK this weekend, in addition to the large-scale marches seen in London.

The widespread protest demonstrations are aimed at urging a cease-fire in Gaza, with participants converging in various cities, including Birmingham, Cambridge, Liverpool, Luton, Slough, Exeter, and Hastings.

Amidst the diverse locations, local London marches are scheduled in areas such as Camden, Hackney, Camberwell, and Acton.

Notably, the Camden protest featured a rally outside the office of Labour leader Keir Starmer.

Campaigners have criticized Starmer for his perceived failure to advocate for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, despite the growing death toll. This week, a group of his party’s MPs rebelled, voting in favor of a cease-fire.

Protesters chanted anti-Israel slogans and carried Palestinian flags and signs, some of which read, “You decided Palestinian lives are dispensable,” “You should be ashamed,” “From river to sea Palestine will be free,” “Freedom for Palestine,” “End Genocide,” and “Ceasfire now.”

Ben Jamal, the director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, emphasized that the upcoming rallies aim to demonstrate the widespread support of ordinary people for a cease-fire and to express solidarity with Palestinians enduring significant hardships.

“They will show their solidarity with Palestinians who are suffering unimaginable harm,” he said.

“Palestinians, like any other people, deserve the right to self-determination, dignity, and a future free from the hardships of conflict. Understanding and acknowledging their narrative is essential for fostering a just and lasting resolution,” a Camden protestor told Anadolu.

Tens of thousands are expected to participate in a range of activities, including vigils, protests, petitions, fundraisers, and marches, reflecting a broad and impassioned call for peace in the embattled region.

Since Israel started bombarding Gaza on Oct. 7, more than 12,000 Palestinians have been killed, including over 8,300 women and children, and more than 30,000 others have been injured, according to the latest figures.

Thousands of buildings, including hospitals, mosques, and churches, have also been damaged or destroyed in Israel’s relentless air and ground attacks on the besieged enclave.

An Israeli blockade has also cut Gaza off from fuel, electricity, and water supplies, and reduced aid deliveries to a trickle.

The Israeli death toll, meanwhile, is around 1,200, according to official figures.

Source: AA