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The UK’s Best Shopping Centre Has Been Crowned

If you’re looking to get all your Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop, your best bet (apart from internet shopping, obvs) is probably submitting yourself to a day at a mammoth shopping centre. Filled with household-name brands and pretty much every kind of good you can think of, shopping centres have something for everyone.

And the UK has plenty of shopping centres – wherever you are, you’re never usually too far from some kind of mega-mall. But which British shopping centres are the best to visit this Christmas? To find out, car retailer cinch has ranked shopping centres based on stuff like size, number of shops and restaurants and number of parking spaces.

Top of cinch’s study came Bluewater in Kent, largely thanks to its massive car park. Sitting just outside the M25, Bluewater opened in 1999 and is the fifth-largest shopping centre in the UK. It’s got a whopping 260 stores and services.

Source: Time Out