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New Frigate to Be in the Water This Year

The Ministry of Defence has once again confirm its projected timeline for the launch of the Type 31 Frigate HMS Venturer.

The ship, currently under construction, is set to be “in the water” by 2023, according to the Minister of State for the Ministry of Defence, James Cartlidge.

“On current plans, the first Type 31 Frigate HMS Venturer will be ‘in the water’ in 2023,” Mr. Cartlidge said in response to a Parliamentary question from John Healey, the Shadow Secretary of State for Defence.

This announcement has been eagerly awaited, as the HMS Venturer will be the first ship of the Type 31 Frigate class. As such, it represents a significant milestone for the Royal Navy and UK shipbuilding.

Further, Mr. Cartlidge confirmed that the ship’s delivery to the Ministry of Defence is scheduled for 2025, signalling the two-year gap for the necessary fittings and final tests before commissioning.

“As the first in Class, [HMS Venturer] is scheduled to be delivered to the Ministry of Defence in 2025.”

We recently reported that HMS Venturer is taking shape in Rosyth.

Each of the Inspiration class – so called because either their deeds or the ingenuity of their designers are milestones in Royal Navy history – will be equipped with the Sea Ceptor air defence missile system, a 57mm main gun and two 40mm Bofors, a 4D radar and carry a helicopter up to Merlin size.

Source : UKDefenceJournal