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More Than 10 Britons Feared Dead or Missing in Israel

More than 10 British citizens are feared dead or missing after the Hamas attack on Israel, an official UK source has told the BBC.

The victims include a 20-year-old soldier and a Scottish grandfather.

The UK government believes up to 60,000 British nationals are in Israel or Gaza. It has said it is assisting families but no evacuation is planned.

The latest official death toll from Israel is 900. Palestinian authorities say 260 have died in air strikes.

Here is what we know about British victims so far.

Nathanel Young

The 20-year-old attended North London’s JFS Jewish School before moving to Israel to serve in the military.

Its headteacher said the school’s community is “devastated” and “heartbroken” at the news of his death.

He added: “Nathanel is fondly remembered within the school and we think of him with nothing but love.”

Mr Young’s funeral, held at Israel’s national cemetery Mount Herzl, was interrupted after loud bangs were heard over Jerusalem.

The authorities had asked that no more than 50 people attend the open-air service so that it did not become a target for militants.

In the end more than 1,000 turned out and listened as Mr Young’s younger brother Elliot paid tribute to him.

But when his sister started to remember him, an emergency siren pierced the tranquillity and prompted mourners to throw themselves to the ground, taking cover under trees and between gravestones.

Repeated explosions could be heard. Some began reciting prayers, others began to video-call loved ones.

After a few minutes, the alarm fell silent, and the funeral continued.

Bernard Cowan

Bernard Cowan, who grew up in Glasgow before settling in Israel with his wife and three children, was killed in the attack, his family confirmed.

They said in a statement: “We are grieving the loss of our son and brother, Bernard Cowan, who was horrifically murdered on Saturday during the surprise terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas.

“We ask for privacy at this time while we process this huge loss to our family, both at home and in Israel, and to the Jewish community in Glasgow where he will be sorely missed.”

Sammy Stein, chairman of Glasgow Friends of Israel, said Mr Cowan – who was a grandfather – returned to the city often and regularly visited his peace advocacy stall in the city centre.

He told BBC Scotland that Mr Cowan lived “metres” from the Gaza barrier, adding: “”It was quiet, it was peaceful and it was in the country. He loved it.”

Jake Marlowe

Mr Marlowe was working as a security guard at the Supernova music festival, where 260 people were killed when it was stormed by militants.

The 26-year-old was reported missing from the event, which took place at the Re’im kibbutz around 3.7 miles (6km) from the Gaza barrier.

He also attended North London’s JFS Jewish School.

Head teacher David Moody said “we have seen reports that Jake Marlowe is missing and we all pray that he is found soon”

Daniel Darlington

The family of Daniel Darlington have said they believe he is among those killed.

In a statement posted on Instagram, his sister referred to him as Danny and “baby brother”. She said he was killed at the Nir Oz kibbutz alongside a friend.

She wrote: “Only days before he was riding his bike, laughing, taking photos of sunsets and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.”

Daniel had intended to leave for Tel Aviv the day before the militants struck, she wrote, but had decided to stay an extra day to show his friend around the kibbutz.

Source: BBC